A Covid-19 Induced Pause

I shouldn’t have run on the roads during the first few days of Covid-19 induced lockdown – though the area I live in is quiet throughout the day, even during … read more.

Inspire Days 2019 – a Day that Lived up to its Name

This was Ramesh Prasad’s invitation to Inspire Days that happened on Saturday, October 11:
“Well, the name says it all.  A chance for all those who have been trained by me to catch up, and to listen to inspiring stories of the many who stopped by to learn NLP, embrace change, and thereby re-strategise their life. To celebrate this very special day, I have invited some of our own delegates who now, are exemplars in what they do. So come, listen to them share how they took one step at a time, thereby making a difference in the way they are now living life.”

Leap before you Think

Almost every day during the past few months I thought I should write here. But I allowed many petty, pet distractions to sway me away from this love. What a … read more.