Marathon Preparation and DeaIing with Injuries

During one early morning run more than two months back, I experienced a hamstring injury for the first time in my running career. The pain on my upper thigh made me abort my run midway. I came back home limping.

I realized that I had started my run that day without the customary stretches. That morning I was too distracted by some trivial stuff to pay heed to the rituals of preparing for a run.

Anything of consequence demands certain rituals and when I ignore them, there is a price I pay.

I listened to the advice given on google that in the case of minor hamstring injuries, people could resume running after resting for about 3 or 4 days. That run after I consulted google doctor lasted under two kilometers, because the pain returned with a vengeance.

My unsuccessful experiences in the past with a few physios convinced me not to resort to that route for recovery. So, I helped myself with a treatment lasting about 3 weeks combining Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE). I got lucky because I was back happily pounding the tarred roads in my neighbourhoods.

Most often, we can recover from injuries by listening to our bodies and giving sufficient rest. Some people give far too much of respect to their injuries or ailments and give up. My experience is that our bodies are very resilient. Healing after an injury is almost inevitable – just a matter of time. Patience and a firm belief – this too shall pass – can see us through many an obstacle.

Then there was a bout of fever that forced me to take rest and made me feel very weak. The recovery took about 2 weeks and I tested the roads gingerly first and with greater gusto with every run. It was then my old injury on my left heel decided to pay me a visit. So, I again took a break and gave company and solace to the injury instead of running.

Today early morning, I hit the roads very cautiously and ran 7 km – even as a few of my friends were in Bengaluru participating in my favourite marathon.

Injuries and a brief illness upset my plans and my running rhythm. But they will soon recede into the past as mere memories. I am not going to allow any of these to come in the way of my marathon goals.

In the not too distant past, my response to injuries was to use them as an alibi to escape from their rigour, sweat and discipline.  Because of my new vision for myself, I am now hungrier for living life more fully.

Nowadays, I also have a better understanding of the working of the mind to be an active participant in the healing process. The stories I tell myself and feel very strongly about determine the outcome I beget.

Practising for a marathon is a microcosm of how I run my life. Running a marathon is not my BIG objective in life. It is only a means to tasting another flavor of life. And understanding what it entails to be successful, particularly in my relationships and business.

When I have a strong vision I am fully aligned to, it is possible to achieve big things in life. There will be the inevitable falls and failures, but the trick is in believing that I am bigger than them. The falls and injuries of life only make me more resilient and teach me that the process of healing is part of the process of life itself.

For too long in the past I have run a small version of my life. Lately things are turning out to be a lot better. I operate from a place of knowing that I am responsible and I have within me all the resources I need to greet success in whatever I envision and work on with focus.

I know deeply the importance of self fulfilling prophesies. I remember to tell myself about rainbows, happiness and success waiting for me round the corner.

That reminds me, what I tell another could also be a self fulfilling prophesy. I can create an empowered human being or a cripple out of my words. Pygmalion effect is for real.

Coming back to my marathon preparations, I have already registered for the Mumbai Marathon on January 21, 2018. I have enough time to prepare for this event. I intend to do well there.

I am also itching to register for the Wipro Chennai Marathon happening on Dec 3 this year, 48 days from now. I will decide on that based on my performance during the next week or two.

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