About Me

My first post on SoulfulGrowing.com was in October 2011.

The post was titled, “About Adding a New Page.” As I wrote that first post, I was in the grip of a restless feeling for staying too long on the same page. There I wrote the reason for beginning this blog:

“As I think about adding a new page daily, I feel excited. Because adding a new page is all about creation and change. It is about exploration and growing.”

I did add many pages (though not daily), explored and grew a lot. I believe in the process I also scripted my life, in baby steps. Nothing can describe the impact words have had in my life in scripting my life – as this quote by Diane Glancy.

Words as I speak or write them make a path on which I walk.

When I started this blog, I intended this as a way of bringing clarity within myself by engaging in an honest chat with myself. I have done that during the years I have written here.

Now it is time I came out of hiding and revealed myself. Yet, there is a feeling of vulnerability. Also happiness at breaking loose.

In Go Tell it on the Mountain….. I have written about why I took that important decision.

Apart from writing, I also run quite a bit. I have completed a few full marathons and enjoy running and conquering distances. But this is just a small part of me. I do not want to be boxed in by any definitions.

One of my deepest desires is – to make Service Square which I started in 2000, into a big name. The tagline of our company is – Service with  a heart – and we are moving in that direction. We are building a company that is in alignment with my values.

I feel like embarking on a journey of adventure, exposing myself to the elements. I will do the work to stay in the sunlight and endure the rain and winds, away from the comfort of shades and shady places.I promise to tell about it all, as I see it, without filters.

You will see me in some of my posts – if you get some time. I have no intention of teaching anyone anything. Only, if anyone reading my posts is reminded to work their way towards their dreams, it will be great.

If you have some thoughts you want to share, I invite you, with eagerness, to do so. The comments space is all yours.

Thank you for reading.

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