On the Driver’s Seat

A dream I had about three months back is embedded in my memory. I remember most of the details even with the time lapse.

I am driving a big public service bus in the city suburbs, moving towards the city. There are a few passengers and a conductor in the bus. The traffic is getting a little heavy and fear creeps in all of a sudden about my confidence level to drive through the growing traffic.

When I see a turn to the right, I swerve the bus and get into that unpaved road. Just about 30 metres into that road, I have to stop the bus as there is a trunk of a tree lying by the side with one its branches protruding into the road. The conductor getss out, surveys the situation and decides the tree is too big to move. Anyway, the tea-stall owner nearby says the road ahead is too narrow for the bus to move on. The people in the shop seem disinclined to help.

I am stuck in the bus in my driver’s seat with the conductor and a few passengers. The dream ended there.

The dream was disturbing enough for me to rewind it in my mind several times during the day and days after the dream. I was and am sure the dream had a message for me. And Service Square.

The road to my destination is wide and well paved. But there are other vehicles too along the same road. My journey to the destination will depend on how keen I am to reach there. The speed will be determined by my keenness and my passion for the destination. Without that strong intention, I may very well stop along the way several times under the shade, to have tea or to take rest.

I was in a big, powerful bus but I got unnerved by the cars and bikes along the way. In many ways, I am a giant and so is Service Square. Only fear prompts me to apply the break instead of going full throttle.

Other vehicles traveling on the same road should not deter me, there is enough space on the road for them too. The crowded traffic is an indication of how exciting the destination is.

In my dream, I was sitting in the driver’s seat, as the conductor was surveying the scene and speaking to the tea-stall owner about the way forward. I ought to have played my role as the driver of the bus and assessed the situation firsthand, instead of sitting in the bus and allowing others to suggest the way forward. Battles are most won in the ditches and it is great if I get my hands dirty.

And, I am the driver of the bus. The passengers in the bus depend on my driving skill and internal discipline to move ahead confidently. I am accountable to them and to the journey I have voluntarily chosen.

Though I know the destination, I can see the road only a hundred meters at any point of time. That is more than enough for me because at the end of that hundred meters, another one hundred meters will open up in front of my eyes. Faith in this process is very critical. Otherwise, fear will cripple my progress.

On the way to the destination, I have to pick up more passengers – employees and customers – and give them a great, smooth ride.

After all, a big bus is meant for passengers. And I am responsible for their journey to the destination. And their happiness.

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