Go, Tell it on the Mountain……

These days I hunt for compliments. So, after completing my blog post about my experience at the second NLP Foundation Course conducted by Ramesh Prasad of Onefluencer, I shared the post with Ramesh and Vigneswari who are both very good friends of mine. Both of them came back with identical comments on October 16.

Ramesh wrote, “Again very beautifully shared thoughts which are pure, clean and straight from the heart. There is magic in your writing. So please, please write and may I ask you to EXPOSE your writing to the world so that people would benefit.  And if you agree with this thought, how about for a start, posting this blog on FB and Linked-in?”

While still savoring Ramesh’s encouraging words, I got Vigneswari’s mail the same day. She wrote, “You are a writer.  You should do a lot more of it, and most importantly, start sharing.  Don’t expect anything in return (like appreciation or acknowledgement) from your friends, but keep sending it to them, it will definitely hit a person hard who needed it the most and it will reach them…. make it public.”

My reaction which lingered for the entire day was, no way, I am not going to undress in public. I never, ever, even remotely considered the idea of opening up myself to the entire world. I am basically a very shy, withdrawn person. That night, I went to bed with the challenge thrown at me by my friends making their whirling rounds in my mind. But I convinced myself I was safely ensconced in my private world and nothing would really change in my cocooned existence.

I had a dream that night – that I sent the link to the NLP article to all and sundry on my facebook page without even an introduction about what it was all about. The remaining part of the dream was about the derisive comments from my friends and relatives about my blog and my frantic efforts to run for cover and hide somewhere.

I got up early enough the next day for my morning run, genuinely relieved that the dream was not real. I ran a little more than 11 km that morning. It is a sad fact, but true nevertheless, that I hardly exercise any control during my runs over the agenda that my mind keeps mulling within, over and over – like a cow chewing its cud. That Thursday morning on October 17, the cud being chewed by my mind was the challenge thrown at me by my two friends.

So I had to confront the whirl of thoughts sweeping over me that day.

I said, nothing doing, these are my private thoughts written only for my clarity. The answer came from somewhere, why do you need a private self and a public self? Aren’t you fatigued by the split living?

Then I pleaded, how can I look silly in front of my close relatives, they only know me as an aimless wanderer. The counter I got was, when will you show up as you are, if not now? It is time they knew you. They love you a lot, they will have no problem accepting you.

My daughter, I argued, is going to stare at me like my father used to and give me a dressing down for my public display. I heard the voice, stop being scared and live your life so that she gets to discover you and how to live her own life, meaningfully.

I then got a hit below the belt with the question, how can a lazy idiot like you capture the imagination or inspire anyone with your mundane stuff on your blog? The answer that came blowing in the wind as I was running with sweat dripping in profusion was, you are not going to transform anyone. You only need to transform yourself by being yourself without wearing a mask. It is up to them if they choose to transform themselves. As for being lazy and an idiot, those are words you gave yourself. You will be brilliant and hard working if you choose to know yourself that way.

The next one was very vicious. I asked, what earthly chance do I have of getting transformed and mending my ways at 61?  Quietly came the response. Your soul does not have an age. And your soul alone is the real change agent. You are a living proof of this statement, you have never felt better and healthier at any point of your life.

For every objection I threw, I got a reassuring answer. By the end of 11 km, my mind quietened down because it had no more questions.

I came home, changed into another T shirt and switched on my computer and went straight to my personal mail. One of the mails which had reached my in box was from Scott Dinsmore of Live your Legend on Why Writing Transformed My Career.

I did not need his tips on how to start a blog, but I found clarity from his suggestions contained in an earlier article of his, The 4 Pillars to Starting a Blog that Actually Matters (& grow it by 160x in 2 years).

In it, he says the 4 pillars a successful blog need to have are, having a cause worth following, helping people, writing mind-blowing content and making real connections.

I believe in serendipity. Sometimes events arrange themselves in a particular happy way without any outward reason or rhyme. The reasons dawn when we search with our inner eye. It is always wise to pay heed to answers that come blowing in the wind.

As I conclude I feel tranquil to have discovered the meaning of Lao Tsu’s gem I found in Ramesh’s facebook page – When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

The important thing is to continue feeling the courage to live that beautiful message.



22 thoughts on “Go, Tell it on the Mountain……”

  1. It is rather strange to read about my father calling himself a ‘lazy idiot’, especially since he wakes up at 5 am every day and doesn’t hit the sack till at least 11 pm. I read the post with some measure of trepidation, but I am glad I read it. I hardly need to say you have a way with words and blah, blah, blah… the world and its cousins know where I got my own gift for writing from :).
    PS- “My daughter, I argued, is going to stare at me like my father used to and give me a dressing down for my public display.” I am glad I exercise such subconscious power over you. Ha ha ha!

    • Thank you, Anu. I was sort of scared about your reaction.
      Now I am ready to go and tell it on the mountain and everywhere else.

  2. They say, ‘Don’t repent at the Eleventh Hour”
    However Raabi, you have at the 11th Km. What a piece !
    Your soul has revealed your Age. Just woolta. Ya 16 and its sweet.
    You have showed up as how I think You are.
    Indeed a smart Lazy Idiot. ( Make hay while the sun shines )
    Great and Congrats Raabi… you have become what you might be. Proud.
    …In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, flee as a bird to your mountain? (Psalms 11:1)

    Await the Sermons on the Mount.
    Fire in the Mountain… Run – Run – Run.
    – j o e

  3. I should have read this precious content earlier.

    As you rightly said “You will be brilliant and hard working if you choose to know yourself that way ” ….keep doing things which enrich you and bring happiness.

    Nice comment by Anu. Happy Diwali to both of you!

    Warm regards

  4. Superb Babu !!! Feeling proud to being associated with such a wonderful person. Keep doing this often and delight us with your writings. Waiting for many more .. As always with best and warm regards …..

  5. Babu,
    There are people who would like to be somebody else, and there are other’s who would like to be themselves. A scarce few are themselves. You have got there, friend…….. .There is plenty of soulfulgrowing for others. Keep writing. Show us the way !

  6. Wonderful Babu! You really have a flair for writing. In tune with the name “Soulful Growing”, from what you have written it is obvious that you are growing soulfully day by day. Being yourself maybe the most difficult but that is what, I feel will give the maximum happiness and peace and hats off to you. Will try to follow……. By the way can you please share the secret of how you manage to run 11 kms and more….
    Congrats! Keep it up and keep sharing. You are unique…..

    • Sita, you are very kind with your words. Frankly, I am very happy.
      About running 11 km and more, it is not too difficult once I put my first foot forward.
      And, daily practice helps.
      Thanks, Sita.

  7. Thank you Babu,

    Again your words affect people not only just next to you, but all the the way to the other side of the world.
    My biggest takeaway which you very much help me realize: Be True To Yourself.
    Thank you my friend.

    And nice done with the running. I miss our route along Cherai Beach. 🙂

    • Kenneth, I too enjoyed running on the beach with you.
      It feels wonderful being myself can create some ripple effect.
      I am sure you are going to do your stuff in another part of the world.
      Let’s be in touch.

    • Your words here – it feels very good.
      I regard meeting you and learning from you too as part of the same force.
      Thank you Sue, for everything.
      Warmest regards,

  8. Thanks Babu; for getting out of the way of yourself to share your written thoughts and the positive action that resulted. I fully understand your reference about the dressing down from daughter.
    It is curious to me how as a parent I shift in the role to try to be a good and positive role model and by default I avoid or choose not to, just do,what I want as if I still had a dependant child. Your blogs are an inspiration to me.


    • Elizabeth, I think all that we can do is just be our congruent selves as parents. Very often, we treat our children and they treat us based on the perceived images of the past which at times can be painful. All that we can do is to forgive and heal the present wounds because we believe that there will be bigger and better understanding in the future.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  9. Sir,
    You always have been an inspired Leader for me,,,, now after reading this” Go, Tell it on the Mountain” i feel how lucky i am for having you as my mentor,,leader,,philosopher,,, for so many years ,,, I feel you are becoming a MYSTIC in many ways,,, keep writing keep inspiring

    • James, you have always believed in me – whether I was down in the pits or up in the mountains. There is therefore a special respect and feeling I have for you. You have in your own ways encouraged me to believe in myself when the chips were down. I am very, very grateful to you for that.


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