What If?

What if……..

I woke up every morning with gratitude for the gift of Service Square in my life? For giving me the best opportunities possible to create. And to overcome.

Everyone else working in Service Square woke up with the same feeling of gratitude? For being cared for. For the spirit of family they feel. For knowing they are important people who make big contributions.

I reached the office at 9 am, before everyone else, ready to embrace new challenges and new opportunities?

I focused on things only related to work while I am in office? And went through the plans for the day in the morning? And reviewed them in the evening?

The Service Square members – at all levels – demonstrated in their work their adherence to its promise to bring a smile on the customers’ face each time through a strict compliance of Quality, Commitment, Value for money, Honesty & Timely service?

Every customer who used our service is so thrilled about the quality that he would on his own, speak to at least 5 other people about excellence provided by Service Square?

I spoke personally to every customer who felt dissatisfied with any aspect of our work?

Each house keeping team considered themselves as part of the Sales & Marketing teams?

The strength of Service Square domestic housekeeping division swelled from 11 currently to 25 by the end of May, 2014?

The strength of the back-end team responsible for keeping in touch with customers rose to 6 from the current 2?

The new services launched recently – car detailing, sofa and carpet cleaning – captured the imagination of Chennai? And the business boomed?

Service Square further expanded the basket of housekeeping services to provide customers with a range of seamless services to cover all aspects of the upkeep of their homes?

Service Square graduated to offering the services to the biggest establishments in Chennai? 

The 3 housekeeping supervisors had 10 people under each of their teams? And they covered distinct geographical areas of the city?

They personally took responsibility for providing the best services possible, growing the business and happiness of their teams?

Each of the three supervisors took responsibility for upgrading their skills in communicating with their teams and customers? And realized the need, on their own, to study formally – to communicate better verbally and in the written form, in Tamil and English. And derived the maximum advantage from training opportunities provided?

The Speech and Hearing Impaired Staff understood NO limitations and excelled like everyone else? And they were respected for their competence and humanness by everyone else?

Financially, the group leaders with a team of 10 people took home at least Rs.15,000 every month? And no one in the team earned less than Rs.10,000?

Residential housekeeping division alone earned more than Rs.7,50,000 every month, by May 2014?

CTW became the marketing vehicle of Service Square, to reach thousands of new households in Chennai every week?

That ServicesInChennai attracted hundreds of Chennai-ites for the goodness, quality and content of the site?

We gave so much of value, we did not have to go in search of customers, instead they came to us, respecting our terms?

People perceived the evident – that Service Square is the best company in Chennai for domestic housekeeping?

Service Square started equipping itself with the latest modern machines in home cleaning?

Along with the equipments, the housekeeping teams also embraced the best international housekeeping practices?

Along with the equipments and housekeeping practices Service Square also marketed excellent housekeeping products?

We forayed seriously into businesses where real money is – interior designing, renovation…….the works?

We took steps for being known as a company specializing in big-ticket realty transactions?

Service Square came out of unremunerative and time-consuming services that do not fit into the larger scheme of things?

We attracted excellent and talented people with good hearts to make all these happen?

All of us at Service Square believed all these?

And all these are just tip of the iceberg? Just portends of things to happen.?

I took the lead and worked to make all these possible?

What If……

What if……all these are already in the melting pot of creation?






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