The lullaby that puts me to sleep
Marijuana showing me fantasy lands
Harbinger of illusions
And of cruel mental moulds
The mother of fears and hopelessness
A jailer holding captive My Giant Self
Seducing me like a temptress
To yield to easy ways.

The parents of thoughts
That fashions me in love
And another’s love to blossom
Harbinger of hope and rainbow tomorrows
Birthing alternate happy realities
Waking up my Giant Self
Giving courage to stand and fight.

Good or bad
The unmaker or the maker of my world
The pain or bliss of my life
Then silence
Where I find myself
And another
Ushering me to spaces beyond sounds
Into the wordlessness of soul mates
That understands with a mere glance
And understands even without looking
Because of that knowing
And being suffused in love

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