Hold this gaze
Watch the fleeting shades
Of hopes, tenderness and frustrations
Sweep over her face like the clouds teasing the moon
Those few seconds encapsulating
Her struggles, victories and dreams……….
Of all her life.

Gently hold her face, so gently you barely touch
Watch her lips break into a dance
Then a quiver
Witness the moistness in her eyes
The faint sparkle in the moistness
Trace the hands over her cheeks, forehead and eyelids
Feel the twitching of her skin
Like a dam of pent up pinings
Yearning for release

Hold this moment.
Listen to my heart beats
The sounds of moving vehicles,
The stillness of the sultry day
Made stiller by the fans gone still, powerless
Watch the thoughts that bring my beloved
Feel the tenderness the thoughts bring
Hear the heart beating faster
I let out a sigh of gratitude for this presence

Hold the Now.
Because this presence is the essence of tomorrows
The microcosm of two lives unfolding
Hold the moment, every moment
Live them, there is life pulsating in these moments
Every moment intensely and calmly felt
Fill this being with richness
Of a million un-similar visitations
Of thoughts, feelings and more
And I tell myself – this life is beautiful
Is heaven nearly like this?

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