It’s Three Years Since Sumathi is Gone – Rest in Peace, Queen of Hearts

April 23, 2013 was Sumathi’s 3rd death anniversary.

This year the anniversary was different because we erected a nice tomb on her grave. Everything about the tomb we made for her is truly extra-ordinary. There is nothing as beautiful and simple as Sumathi’s tomb in the whole of the cemetery which has a few thousand graves. The top of the tomb is covered with white pebbles and a few plants.

The head stone has a moving and simple epitaph, written by Anusha.

In Loving Memory of

Sumathi Vincent

21.11.1955 – 23.04.2010

 Here lies a free spirit.

 She lived; truly lived. 

A beautiful mother, caring wife,

loving sister, faithful friend,

and passionate pet owner,

she is missed every day.


RIP Queen of Hearts

Krishna, Pattu, Thomas, Venita, Gerard, Lilly, Sunny, Mathan and two other staff from the office were there – apart from the parish priest – for the blessing of the tomb at about 11.45 in the morning.

Though it is 3 years since Sumathi died, there is this longing and missing which is not abating with time. There is also remorse and regrets. And memories of happy times, of forgiveness and unforgiveness.

When one does not pay enough attention to the recipes of love when the loved ones are alive, he is condemned to practice them after they are gone.

I am worried that the person at the cemetery to whom I have paid money for watering the plants regularly, is not doing his job. I do not want the plants on her tomb to wither.

I have to visit the tomb once in a while to ensure the plants stay lusciously green. May be that is a way of atoning – for not nurturing and loving my rose enough when she was around . She loved me so very dearly.

Sumi, I miss you a lot. And I love you. Rest in peace. I will take care of Anu. I will love her unconditionally despite her strange, aloof ways and find her a man of her dreams to love and live with, in happiness.

Did you have to become the sacrificial lamb?

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