Chasing Dreams and Having Fun

Yesterday, when I went to the office, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me. My little room was cleared off the materials meant for the house keeping department. And, the adjoining room which used to confront me with a confused, jumbled look was a picture of order. A new wide platform in blue was in place along two sides of the room, a carpenter having worked overtime on Saturday and Sunday to bring about the transformation. I was told Mathan and a few house keeping staff worked on Sunday to clean up the place to make it look absolutely wonderful.

Better still, Mathan brought out the beautifully designed pin-up boards to neatly fix them right in front of where key people work in the office. He arranged for me a nice white board where I can write down important reminders – for me and for others. I felt very happy and made it a point to congratulate him.

I do not know what brought about this change. I am not sure whether it was on account of the few meetings I had with the staff or the visits to work sites. Probably, they were enthused by hope. Fortunately, we had some new business coming our way with two additional corporate accounts. Besides, the house keeping department is buzzing with more activities. They hardly get time to rest these days. When 3 full fledged teams work regularly, it will get interesting and it will be a pleasure to work without the pressure of lacks breathing down our necks.

Yesterday, Mathan was speaking in terms of buying a vehicle or at least hiring one to transport the house keeping teams and the equipments. And with Vasanth, one of the oldest house keeping staff back in the company, with driving skills to boast off, the house keeping department look poised for bigger things.

I have to ensure, that I look at the performance of the team on various parameters and give my feedback on a regular basis. From this Friday, the English classes for the house keeping staff should surely start. That is going to be a challenge and a lot of fun for me.

These happenings motivate me. Imagine me being motivated by my team!

I have to get into my rhythm and stride, right away. Then I know there will be electricity in the office air. It will be fun to create opportunities. We have to focus on marketing activities and customer service.  And, quality should be the hallmark of every activity we engage in. I want to be part of a creation that will endure because it is so good. And, I wish we could tap into the potential that exists for 1 day outings for corporate organisations and groups. I am waiting for the day we will be able to start conducted tours every weekend. Realty is going to be my baby. There is some milking to be done there. Service Square is waiting for me to wake up.

It is time to chase some dreams and have some fun. And have some life! Before that, there is going to be some price to pay. I have to start working hard even as I sharpen my axe all the time. It is time to get rid of weaknesses – cigarettes which I restarted, drinks too, even if it is once in a while. It is okay to have just one weakness in life which I have.  And that weakness is what will spur me into action. And strength.




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