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I had heard about John O’Donohue’s book, Anam Cara – A Book of Celtic Wisdom, about three years back and had even gifted it to a very special friend then. It is only very recently that I laid hands on it to be waylaid by its charm and poignancy. Anam Cara […]

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Though the problems life throws at me have a made-in-Babu tag, untangling them is far more complicated than the ease with which I create them. Last week, on February 17, one such problems was right on my face. I was in the grip of fear. It happened that my previous […]

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Ramesh is the founder of Onefluencer, a training organization that empowers leaders in their journey towards becoming powerful change agents using the versatile tools available in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He helps leaders discover how their current thinking and behaviour patterns might be impeding their blossoming. I know several people in whose journeys Ramesh Prasad has made a huge difference by shining his light.

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This has been an unusual break for me from my blogs. Sure, I felt parched by my absence from here. Yet strangely, I stayed tethered to vacant thoughts and feelings for too long. What follows is a beautiful poem by John O’Donohue – A Blessing for One who is Exhausted. […]

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As I type on the browser and click, an elegantly designed web site opens. What I see first is   Kiruba Shankar’s visage, smiling faintly with hazily outlined coconut trees in the background. Right below the picture is the sentence introducing him – “Kiruba is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, […]

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Thumbnail image for Chennai Runners and Ram Viswanathan’s 49 Marathons

Ram Viswanathan is a mentor to many in his professional and personal life. He has run 49 marathons in many countries and has run 5 Majors Marathon out of the 6 Majors. He works at IBM and was awarded ‘ Distinguished Engineer’ which is highly prestigious.

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Arul Subramaniam is Director, Training, at Brainobrain. This organization, which was founded in 2003 by three brothers – Anand, Arul and Ashok – now has its presence in 22 countries.

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Thumbnail image for Shaju John’s Bliss and Pain – Seen through his Camera Lens

Shaju John, finding himself as an artist I have observed Shaju John several times – standing still, lost in thoughts, with a camera raised close to his face, intensely attentive. There is something strange about his gaze – as if fixed simultaneously, on the subject and within himself. Then he […]

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Thumbnail image for J Sampath – Taking J B Soft to Extraordinary Heights

I have often wondered what it is that propels some people from very ordinary circumstances to extraordinary heights. J Sampath’s J.B Soft has grown phenomenally from the time he set up his business in 2001 with one staff. He now has 42 employees taking care of 1800 clients in India […]

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Thumbnail image for How I Started Blogging – the Story of Sudev

A few people entered my life at different phases to weave beautiful patterns on the tapestry of my life. Often, such presences seemed very innocuous and unobtrusive,yet when I look back and join the dots, I am able to decipher reasons and meanings. For example, Ramesh Prasad of Onefluencer came […]

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