Session 4….Who am I?

Instead of Rajan, it was Manoj who took the class on Monday, 4th February. He has been influenced by Rajan from Alma Mater and hence, he is a stickler for punctuality. He looked mellowed down from the time I saw him last at Alma Mater. He seems to have put on a few additional kilos.

Manoj started the class with a quote from Peter Drucker – about the importance of continuous improvement on the path to excellence. I thought that the quote about perfect speed from Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull would have been very appropriate too.

Then he spoke about the need for the Trainer to discover himself before trying to open the doors of self discovery for others. In this context he spoke about various aspects one needs to beware of.

At times, one transfers the heat received from one source to another with multiplier effect, similar to the tendency of an employee to abuse his wife after being shouted at by his boss.

Very often, people project on to others the fears and doubts which plagues their being. For example, a person who is insecure with fears, will suspect his wife of being unfaithful. I thought Wayne Dyers’s quote – we see the world not as it is, we see it as we are.

There were one or two other aspects which were covered by Manoj, but I have forgotten them. I have to take things down after watching the video.

There were three opportunities for people to reveal themselves to the participants.

In the first case, forming in groups, the participants played the game of ‘freezing’ while taking photos while engaged in different activities.

In the second case, participants were asked to narrate a memorable event in their life. I spoke about the expedition into the sea with Sumathi, Anusha and Shaju. I wondered to myself why I was not able to think of a very significant happy occasion in my life.

In the next case, participants had to tell what was their aim in life.


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