Trainers’ Hub – The Second Meeting


Saturday, 3rd August was an action packed day right from 5.30 in the morning till way past midnight.

Starting the day running 7 km was a breeze. After reaching home and tending to Lola’s skin problems, I got ready and went to attend the first day of the NLP workshop. I was engrossed in it till 5 pm and I met some very nice people there.

Soon after the workshop ended, it was time to go to Vigneswari’s house to attend a meeting with my IITD batch mates who intend to take Training as a profession. There were 12 of us and the meeting lasted about 3 hours. 2 hours of chit chatting and about one of hour of serious discussion was how we spent our time. We had fun.

Mathews initiated the discussion and laid down 5 objectives.

To create training modules on various topics so that anyone who gets training assignments can make use of them.

Enhancing professional expertise and skill levels.

Sharing responsibilities

Keeping everyone in touch with what is available on training

Creating the Mission and Vision for the group.

Most of the people thought that marketing activities did not constitute an important part of the group’s function. I argued that this is the most important area because without marketing nothing else will make any sense. Of course, there is some sense in the argument – why should someone market for the others?

I thought that organizing responsibilities around positions such as President, secretary etc., would not make any sense now. What is of greater importance is talented people taking charge of various functions such as creating modules, marketing, collating information etc.

It is very nice to see that some people are moving ahead and they are conducting training programmes already. They shared their experience about how they are faring at their training assignments.

The whole idea of meeting periodically centered around a portal on training ( There was very little discussion on the portal this time. I think the portal is a fantastic idea.

Vigneswari kept feeding us all with wonderful snacks, aerated drinks and coffee. She has a very nice place and she keeps the place very well. She is a wonderful person, sharing information with everyone about birthdays, nice thoughts or interesting passages etc.

Meeting intelligent, talented people with similar interests is the spice of life. Apart from the ideas we gain, we come to an understanding that we are all travelers going in the directions towards our dreams. What each one does during that journey is most fascinating and inspiring. We all become compelled to act because of the group momentum. I felt happy at the end of the meeting because of the camaraderie and the contributions I was able to make.

Mathews called me on Sunday morning to say that it will be ideal if a group of 4, forming the core, meet this coming weekend, to crystallize things and get more clarity before we meet with the entire group. This is a great idea.

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