Time to Start Wanting What I Have

Sometimes, while reading, certain messages hit me with force.  I came across three such gems in Jason Leister’s Client Letter. I stared at those messages till their import sank into me.

“5 years from now, the challenges you are currently facing will be little more than a ‘pimple on the pickle of time.'”

Now, this is scary. This is a huge warning for those who do not react at all, or react slowly to changes in life or in business. The pimple on the pickle seem insurmountable as it is, what will happen when challenges won’t be the size of pimples anymore, but will assume their full face value and proportions?

Those adept at understanding and managing change will have a glorious time navigating this life and their businesses.

The ill-equipped at managing changes may sink without a trace.

So, what is the mantra for our times? Keep running. Twice as fast as Red Queen suggested in Alice in Wonderland may not be enough any longer – to reach anywhere.

Of course, some may opt out of what they may term as “the rat race.”

And some will enjoy the exhilaration of speed and adventure. I hope to end up here. On your march………

Why is it so much easier to want to get the next client than it is to want to fully serve the ones we have? 

This sentence hit me with full force. We at Service Square have been recently contemplating various ways of advertising to gain new customers and expand into new markets.

Yet we hardly engage the existing customers. They may be happy or delighted with our services when they ask for them, but we hardly acknowledge their presence with gratitude or any degree of appreciation.

Considering the statistics that gaining new customers is at least 6 times more costly than retaining the existing ones, it makes sense to hold on to the existing customers for dear life instead of splurging money on marketing activities. It is the time for holding operations. Once we learn to do that well, we can explore the horizons for more.

What happens to your life and business if, rather than trying to get what you want, you start wanting what you have? 

This is a variation of the previous quote. Human beings are excellent at neglecting or leaving what they have to get what they want. Most of the time, they make a mess of things, losing even what they had before. Living in awareness in the beauty of the present moment with appreciation, is the state of mind to have.

In my life, I have been blessed with almost everything I need. Service Square is also a wonderful ocean of opportunities.

It is time I woke up every morning with gratitude for the beautiful life I enjoy, the people in my life and the business that gives me and so many others sustenance. It will feel wonderful to keep this thought in my conscious and sub-conscious levels, so that I know what to hold with reverence and what to leave.

Lastly, in an article by Scott Dinsmore, I found this:

In order to do anything meaningful – be it lose 50 pounds, run your first marathon, or do the work and make the impact only you are capable of making, you must have a support network that helps make it possible.

I miss this enervating network. I must find myself in such a network of people.



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