The Dreams that See the Light of Day

One morning, about a fortnight back, my daughter said she hadn’t slept well during the night as she had bad dreams about snakes. And, she was worried as she had heard it was a bad omen to dream about snakes.

I told her not to worry, dreams don’t turn into reality. Then she left for work.

After about two hours, a thought crossed my mind that I hadn’t addressed her fear sufficiently. So, I sent her a mail, with these words:

Dear Anu, my answer about dreams was only partially correct.

 It is true that the dreams you get at night, including the nightmares, will not turn real.

 That is, if you do not believe them.

And in life, if you nurture good dreams and you believe them with conviction and feelings, they will manifest themselves in your life.

 Hope this makes sense. 

Love, Dad

I am a strong believer in dreams.

Dreams backed up by strong beliefs will unfold themselves in our lives. Miracles happen when there is deep faith – in ourselves and in our dreams.

Dreams are the answers to the most fundamental questions beginning with WHY? The answers to this question produce our dreams and they give us all the kick and emotional content we need in life to scale any height.

Similarly, our fears also have the uncanny ability to show up in our lives. When our fears become a reality, we conclude that life is betraying good people like us and mourn our fate.

The fact, as Richard Bach says is, “No matter how qualified or deserving we are, we will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow ourselves to have it.”

So, when caught up in fearful thoughts, we have to pause and choose to think again differently, with a grateful knowing that we are being propelled towards our dreams.

It is easier said than done. Because mere thoughts will not liberate us from our fears which are themselves caused by thoughts.

The dreams which see the light of day,  stem from the deepest part of ourselves, from the depth of silence – from a state without any desperation to achieve.

Then there is acceptance that if they do not happen as we wish, it is because of  a greater design. And quietness dawns with a knowing that God or the universe is on our side, and our dreams are on the way to their fulfillment.

Of course, we have to work for it.


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