The Day My Blog Went Public

August 07, 2013

Till today just 3 people knew that I have a blog. The veil of secrecy has been lifted and several people have seen my blog. Inhabiting the most public of places –  in the world wide web – it is very unrealistic to expect to have a free run all by myself, unnoticed.

I sent Ramesh Prasad, the one who introduced me to the world of NLP, what I had put together about my learning during the two-days workshop last week. What followed made me feel elated. He wrote to tell me,

” That is indeed a masterpiece writing.

– I am attracted to your living in line with the truth of who you are….as your wife did…is what I see here.

– I like your style of learning which is also through writing and I see a whole lot of it here…your blogs are an example of this.

– You putting yourself to test and breaking open from those self limiting belief of fear and failure is what I see in your sharing of thoughts.

– And I see you as quick learner & quick modeler.

– And yes you are in love all the time. Cheers!!!

I have shared your writing on my FB page and that is a good place to also check what people are saying. Would you accept me as your friend? If so the link is

Regards, R Ramesh Prasad”

My initial reaction was one of consternation at having been discovered with my pants down. It was also like getting out from a cocooned existence into into a glittering world of lights, speed and milling people. Very much like the journey from the womb to the blinding light and copious, airy existence outside.

I worried – would this be the end of my search, enquiring from within, speaking to myself and interpreting the world as I find it? Then the realization took root that no man is an island and my experience on 3rd August, stranded outside my own home happened as an intimation to my soul that life is all about relationships and being authentic.

Of course, there will be a temptation to play to the gallery, knowing others are watching me. There may also be certain internal forces restricting me from telling things as I find them.

These are only fears. I know me. I will speak the truth, nevertheless. I will revel in being myself. Because that is the route to finding my salvation. Only in being authentic, can I announce to the world about the beautiful facets of life.

What some of Ramesh’s friends wrote on his facebook page after reading my post filled me with gratitude. Nine of them wrote to say how they liked what I wrote, in the way I did. They were also effusive in their praise for Ramesh for being a great coach. Several others ‘liked’ the post.

Rahul Vitekar captured the essence of what the others reflected. “Thank you so much Vincent for sharing..Mohammad said it very well, ” truth dripping from your writing” Your exceptional writing has measured up to Ramesh’s contribution. And it has the power to inspire. I will share it with my world. Thank you once again!”

It feels very good deep inside, to hear words like that.

So, welcome, Babu Vincent. You have found your world. Live – here, now. Bask in the sun. Freak out, playing hard. Be joyous about this beautiful life you have. And, tell others what you see here – from your core. Perhaps your story may lead a few to their true paths – those paths with a heart.

And, don’t worry what happens next. Everything is falling in place. And will be in place.

So, there you go.

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