Shed the Old, Heavy Baggage and Travel Light and Fast in 2013

I have prepared an Action Plan to achieve a turnover of Rs.1,50,00,000 during 2013. Looking at it, it seems a dream, but the plans are well sewn together. In the past too, similar plans were made, but at the end of every year, I had to stare at financial figures that mocked my ambition.

There is this dawning realization that I have often been the bottleneck to the growth of Service Square.

It is time I understood the reasons for the abject failures. Not that I do not know the reasons already, it is just that I need to look at them hard enough to take corrective steps and avoid another year of disappointments.

During the past two years, I learned and understood with clarity how crucial it is to have an abundance mentality to achieve significant goals. In spite of this understanding, I was plagued by a scarcity mentality and fears of failures. Like the race drivers who hit what they see, I too got what I saw in my mind – one problem after another, leading to dismal performance. Happily for me, I do not fear so much these days and I am able to see visions of prosperity and golden abundance.

Business is essentially transference of emotions to members of the team and customers. In the past, I transferred my fears, disbeliefs and inertia. Towards the end of 2012, I made headway in building and maintaining enthusiasm levels in the office at a much higher level. And it showed in the business.

I will no longer delegate only to abdicate my responsibility, later. From now on I will hold myself and others in the office responsible for producing results. I have to measure efforts, results and give them feedback periodically.

And I need to show the team here that I mean business. I must reach the office by 9 am before the others arrive. And I will insist that I get what I want.

Accounts and Finance has been my and Service Square’s Achilles heel and I will invest enough time to understand the business in financial terms. And though I have always prided myself over my marketing and operations acumen, I have hardly exerted myself during the past few years. What a pity it is that the larger world does not know about us though we have excellent services to offer. It is time I plunged in headlong, to make a huge difference. I will ensure, through operations excellence that there will be quality in everything that Service Square touches.

And, I will focus only on work during office hours. I will keep personal mails and personal work at bay during this time. And I will stop looking at mails every now and then so that I get important work done.

Procrastination has been my undoing in the recent past. I will make a conscious decision to do things when they ought to be done and ensure this through my monthly and weekly plans which I will review on a daily basis.

I tend to get intimidated by big names and positions though I know there is no reason to feel awed by them. I have the power to communicate and I should put that to good use. Whenever I meet people, I come back enriched and I should make it a point to meet as many people as possible from now onward.

I will stop doing small, clerical things and challenge myself in the bigger arena. CTW is a good means of communication with people, but that will not be my job soon enough.

And, whatever I touch, I should embellish. I should always remember my business agenda – to give our customers the very best.

2013 looks very exciting. I have to work hard and smartly for it.

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