Proposal for a 2 Day Workshop Presented by Soul Gym

During the two-days workshop, participants will explore and achieve a good understanding about their Mission or Purpose of their lives. 


“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”

-Saint Exupery

We at Soul Gym believe in the power of one’s dreams or Mission on earth – to act as the fountainhead of all achievements and fulfillment. Starting with the Mission helps to stay focused to achieve life’s goals.

One’s Mission on earth, in the sphere of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects will be his or her life’s agenda  providing direction,  progress and growth in individual lives.

Finding one’s Mission will involve individual’s search for meaning. Finding this through introspection involving mental, emotional and spiritual faculties will equip the participants to face the challenges of life with ease and poise.

We believe that there are forces other than those which we perceive with our minds and emotions propelling us towards achieving our Mission. Helping the participants in encountering those intangible forces and putting them to good use in their lives is a critical area of attention at Soul Gym.

Soul Gym exists to help those on the threshold of their careers – particularly those in Colleges and corporate organizations – to be the best they can be by identifying their goals in their lives and traveling in happiness and confidence on the paths chosen by them.

We also work with those  older who have not found their true calling in their careers and remain rooted in uncertain, unhappy lives. We help them to discover their passion and joy in their work.

Soul Gym will help unearth the potential in each participant to achieve their true potential to make it very big in life. We understand, whether we live the life of a pygmy or that of a giant will be determined by a few crucial shifts in attitude and belief systems.


The main objective of the workshop is to instill in the participants a deep desire for living life to the fullest by identifying their Mission in life. At the end of the two day workshop the participants would have covered the following topics:

  1. Understanding the limiting beliefs that hold people prisoners of circumstances and hinder their growth in life. Also examining the fears that can paralyze people from moving forward with confidence in life.
  2. Exploring how limiting beliefs can be overcome by embracing life with a sense of purpose, courage and confidence.
  3. Taking the participants on a journey of self-discoveries about their passions and their aspirations which give them a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Looking deeply within themselves to discover their goals and Life’s agenda in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. Special emphasis will be laid on the importance of planning their career with help from top-notch professionals in the field.
  5. To demonstrate that financial abundance would follow automatically when they work happily in their careers.
  6. Outlining firm implementation plans to stay on course to achieve their Mission in life.


‘Finding your Passion’ seminar will explore the following areas.

  1. SWOT analysis of every participant
  2. In-depth analysis of strengths by delving deeper into every individual through scientifically designed tests.
  3. Focusing on finding careers that would match participants’ strengths.
  4. Ways to turn work into an enjoyable passion.
  5. Exploring the dimension of how working with passion leads to financial abundance.
  6. Providing information about communities of people engaged in similar passions.
  7. Delving into realms of the self.
  8. Going into inter-personal relationships.
  9. Understanding the power of thoughts aligned with strong feelings.
  10. Feeling proud and happy about living one’s life with conviction and belief.
  11. A few pertinent examples of great men and women who created abundance by living moored on great passions.
This workshop has been evolved after intense and long drawn research on the relationship between one’s Vision and the passion with which one leads his life. Having a vision creates tremendous enthusiasm and passion at work and in relationships. This in turn gives one the strength to move ahead in life with confidence and poise. There will be telling examples about how people have catapulted themselves into higher trajectories by living with passion. There will be interesting case studies and role plays to drive home the contents .
The workshop will be mostly interactive and seek to bring out the best from every participants. There will be a combination of  games, video, power point presentations and short lectures to inspire the participants into action.
There will be also a session by experts in determining the aptitudes, strengths and inclinations of the participants. These experts will also explain the careers suitable for the participants.
Your college promoting this workshop will be doing so to create citizens that contribute to the community in which they live and the larger society where they find themselves. You will do it because you realize that people with clear vision and purpose will be change agents. They will be the leaders who will bring great glory and honour to themselves and their Alma mater. Here are a few other benefits.
  1. Participants will gain clarity of purpose in his personal, work, social and spiritual spheres of life.
  2. They will create for themselves their life agenda, during this 2 day workshop.
  3. The clarity of vision generated during the workshop will lead to swiftness of action and execution, impacting all activity areas of participants’ lives.
  4. The confidence with which participants carry themselves and the results they produce in their work will have positive implications in their relationship with their families and communities.
  5. The participants will be inclined to enlarge his circle of influence.
  6. For the college sponsoring this 2 day workshop this will be a unique opportunity to add value to the process of education they impart.
  7. Your college will also garner good will and wide publicity for the unique initiative taken to add value.
Babu Vincent has played many colourful roles in his careers as a teacher, social worker, business executive, director of a large organisation and entrepreneur. He has been known as a team leader capable of infusing vision and enthusiasm where ever he has worked.
Having worked in different parts of India – Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai – interacting with people from a wide spectrum of activities, has enriched his life in no small measure. He has tasted great success through sheer grit and hard work, coming up against the odds and coming up trumps time and again.
It is his insights from his wide experiences in the field of sales, operations and people management skills that will be distilled and shared by him as a trainer. He is known for his enthusiasm levels and passion for living life to the fullest.
Babu Vincent’s strength as a trainer is his understanding of life which he is able to share with his listeners with depth and clarity in simple to understand language. He is an unconventional thinker and has the capacity to inspire his listeners to creative thinking and action.
Babu Vincent writes well – on various activities of life. He forte is Mission and Vision building. He believes very strongly that everyone has a unique responsibility in his life to live fully for himself and for others. He believes that ideas and thoughts distilled through strong feelings can transform lives and create legends out of ordinary people.

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