New Year Goals vs Systems

Last year, 365 days passed by, much like an apparition. I have much to be happy about. The beginning of 2014 found me in a better form than I was at the beginning of 2013. I grew in many ways and Service Square too is looking in much better shape.

I read two blog posts, one of which is by Scott Adams of Dilbert Principle fame, against the idea of setting goals at the beginning of the year. The common threads running through both those posts were, adhering to systems is far better than creating goals to chase during the year. The system approach, it is argued, is centred on knowledge whereas, goals focus on will power (which is in short supply). Goals are limiting, they say, because they prevent people from spotting new opportunities.

I am left with a bad taste in my mouth not having sat down to figure out what to do with the year. I have to make sense of the gathering intimations about the fleeting times and the year that is already 18 days old. So, here I go – first with my goals as I visualize them in the melting pot of creation.

The revenue goal for 2014 at Service Square is two crores. And, we are admired for what we are and create.

2014 is a year of paying back of loans and building of my financial muscles. I see myself investing enough time to develop a feel and appreciation for money.

My blog posts at, and have not kept the pace I wanted. At least 4 posts a week in these 3 blogs is my target.

I set the right example at office by reaching there at 9 am. Then, I make every minute count – focusing on all aspects of the business, including accounts, the hardest things first. We create the same value and urgency about time in others in the company as well.

We do not engage in unproductive work as is the case with CTW currently. We find ways of monetizing the CTW bulletin while also adding more value.

This year we  do solid research to come up with interesting value additions in our services.

Before the year is over, running a marathon is clearly on my radar.

The goal of being an impactful coach and trainer is only getting stronger by the day.

Being an entrepreneur affords one of the greatest learning opportunities. I create, breaking into new territories.

Making goals is pretty easy. Honouring them requires a certain mindset where I deliberately work at keeping the promises I make to myself. Integrity is when there is a congruence between what I say and do. More so, concerning the promises I make to myself.

I have to be governed by certain rules so that I keep the commitment I make to myself.

  1. I breathe consciously. In awareness. So that I do not think or do things like a robot, by default. I surrender to the present, knowing the universe is on my side. When I feel overwhelmed by small and seemingly insurmountable things, I remember – my greatest enemy is fear of the past and future. In the end, all things pass….
  2. In the morning, I wake up feeling grateful. Before retiring at night, I go through the events of the day, again feeling blissful.
  3. Time is precious and I am accountable for every hour and minute. When I work I will be fully engaged. I plan my days and review them, to get the best out of them.
  4. Reading is something I do every day – on various topics.
  5. I invest time and energy on building relationships based on love and care. When things go wrong, I stay with poise. I take care not to confront anyone with hostility, because of the harm it would cause me and others.
  6. I continue investing enough time in meditation and silence every day.
  7.  The bulk of the TV programmes I watch or the news papers I read only make my mind shrink and sick. I do not allow the events or personalities of the day to overtake my priorities.
  8. I check mails only twice during the day. I waste far too much of time on this unproductive activity. Besides, other important activities suffer neglect.
  9. I write for myself – with courage, honesty and feeling, never playing to the gallery. I write about others when I find reasons to praise. Writing in this blog is my way of staying grounded. And scripting my life.
  10. I stop looking for others’ validation of my viewpoints and conduct. My happiness and comfort with my actions, is all I need as anchor. I do not give disproportionate importance to the opinions of others about what I do.
  11. Much of my procrastination stems from my tendency to be perfect. I understand it is better to do things imperfectly than not to attempt them at all. I also stop procrastinating when I feel passionately about my goals.
  12. Getting out and meeting people always teaches me something new. I break the boundaries of my comfort zone as I explore and experience new worlds.
  13. When memories and comfort zones hold me prisoner, I break out, burn bridges and keep walking.
  14. I enjoy life’s beauty, pampering myself with simple and good things, while enjoying the company of wonderful people who embellish my life. And, I do not see my life as a sacrifice.
  15. There is no SMALL  thing when it comes to giving in to unhealthy habits. Like there is no ‘just one more cigarette’. There is a momentum and force to every action, however small. Any one small thing I give allowance for, is a virus invading my space and corrupting my resolve and chemistry. I avoid such yielding by delaying the desire for gratification.
  16. The power of the small is also manifested in the good habits developed and progress made in any field, inch by inch. It all adds up. I keep chipping away, keeping faith.
  17. The huge power of the ONE is beyond imagination. Often I operate out of a child ego state ceding my space to others. My agenda thus gets diluted and relegated to the background. I have to assume responsibility for things that matter to me. In the office, I do not delegate only to abdicate my responsibility later on.
  18. There is enough of a hero in me to rely on my own wisdom and understanding. However much I am indebted to my gurus and teachers for their wisdom and guidance there is no need to deify or put them on a pedestal relinquishing my worth. At an unconscious level, I minimize myself when I maximize others in awe.
  19. Moving towards goals is like driving at night. The headlights show light to cover some distance. As I move towards that distance within my vision, the light shines on unending stretches of roads farther and farther. Soon enough there is a beautiful dawn.

In the mysterious journey of life, the trick is to set out even in the darkness of uncertainties and keep going, knowing there is always a light within, growing brighter with distance and time, showing me the way, in ways I do not comprehend now.

Coming back to the beginning, I think I have created an effective system for moving towards my goals.

As always, what remains is action and implementation.

2 thoughts on “New Year Goals vs Systems”

  1. I really enjoyed this Blog, Babu. As like other blogs of yours that I have read there is learning for the reader. What you write is what many experience and to see the experiences so well written is the actual learning for many readers.

  2. There is so much of learning for me too, in this. Like Richard Bach says in ‘Illusion’, you teach best what you most need to learn.

    These ideas form knowledge. I keep coming back to them, to internalize them and live out of them.

    Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing here.


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