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Today, soon after I woke up, I switched on the computer to listen to Infinipath. This is the live webcast of a talk given by Mahatria Ra on various aspects of life, including spirituality. The talk starts on the dot of 7 am, on Sundays. Today, in the comfort of my home, I was half an hour late, having got up late.

Those who are late to his live talks at the venue, even by a fraction of a minute will have the doors closed on them, politely. Mahatria tells his congregation, in thousands across the world, if they are serious about growth they ought to show up on time. That is a price they have to pay for the transformation they would receive. There is a tinge of guilt at having violated the code of conduct by showing up late – even if there is no one to enforce the rule of being on time.

The trick of growth is to show up on time, follow the right processes, in alignment with the source – just for myself.

The thrust of today’s talk was, if we cultivate ‘daridra chinta’ (poverty mindset), we will attract precisely that. And, good people have the responsibility to be rich, so as to create opportunities for the society we live in.

I used to be very regular, for several years, at Master Mind, the earlier version of Infinipath. It used to be a live talk attended at the venue. He was then known as Rajan. I was always awed by the quality of thoughts, off the beaten track ideas, fluency of language and courage of conviction contained in his talks. I have listened to him for countless hours with respect and rapt attention – on business, love, sex, marriage, children, religion and spirituality and more.

Once, a very good friend of mine asked me what I gained by pursuing the path of spirituality or by listening to Mahatria. My response was that he helped me to remain authentic. And encouraged me to strive and stretch – to be the best I can be, despite severe reversals in my life.

A lot of his ardent followers have manifested abundance and prosperity by faithfully following his teachings and by trusting him without any shred of doubt. I have seen this from close quarters. I have not been so fortunate. I am a doubting Thomas.

To be candid, I did not achieve prosperity or abundance or happiness all these years I have been listening to him. No, it is not the problem with his teachings, it has everything to do with my implementation of his teachings. For example, abundance cannot be attracted when my mind is besieged by fear of scarcity. Or happiness in a climate of gloom.

In those days when my mind and my entire being was in turmoil, his words were mostly a source of solace while I was in his presence. He does not see his role as being anyone’s solace, only as a source of strength. The truth for me was different.

Mahatria however gifted me something very precious. Somewhere in my subconscious the belief was planted that I will overcome and I will not yield. That I will strive in search of excellence. To be the best I can be. That I have to live life on my own terms and not to please someone else. That abundance will be mine when I learn to attract it. And age is only a number, I must not stop working or contributing.

If I am writing about Mahatria in the ‘Inspired by’ section in this blog it is for all these reasons I have mentioned. And because I am in awe of the extraordinary commitment he has always shown. He has impacted my life like no one else has. In a world where we do not have too many people to look up to, he stands out, shining for his integrity.

He practices what he preaches. In his impeccable adherence to a life of values. In his ability to attract abundance – financial and otherwise.

There are a few things that remain a mystery to me like his transition to Mahatria, the adulation he is subjected to and the brand that is built around him. Yet there is this deep respect and admiration for his courage to choose to evolve all the time. As for adulation, I see him doing everything possible to extricate himself from illusions to remain very simple at heart.

Perhaps it is better that I don’t even give a thought to things I do not understand about him, knowing he would not ever do anything to besmirch his integrity.

I remember how, several years ago, he honoured an appointment with me on a holiday, on a day he was burning with high fever, and could hardly walk. He came despite that and gave me the time he promised.

I also remember how he looked at me bemused when I told him, I was not really excited by the way my first and only article in Frozen Thoughts was edited. This happened at the conclusion of a Master Mind, after the customary embrace, when he appreciated my article. I blurted out almost involuntarily what was on the tip of my tongue and mind. He had the grace to give me the space to speak my mind.

I cannot forget how a Frozen Thoughts magazine (now Infinithoughts) which I had given up as lost in a train to Kerala found its way back to me. On my way back to Chennai, I found the magazine safe, with one of the passengers who had shared the compartment with me two days earlier.

Having known him and listened to him for several years, it is my turn to redeem myself and live the life of my dreams. I am very grateful that he has played a huge part in stoking the fires within me.

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