Getting Ready to Roam the Streets

I know I haven’t written as much or as frequently as I had promised myself. I allow  mood fluctuations to take a toll on the promise I made to myself. It is time to resolve to write at least a 500 word article every two days, if not every day.

I haven’t made much headway about my business either. Inertia is the word to describe where I am at. I have to get on my feet and start doing things. No one respects someone without money – not even your family members. To grow in people’s esteem, the fillip provided by money is essential. It is puerile to comfort myself with the comforting lullaby of significance over possessions.

I have to heave into work. I have to get out of the rut.

The dream precedes all creation. It gives strength to whatever one does. The stronger the dream the more passionate and involved one becomes. Doing a job without passion is as good as not doing it.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills in the work that I set out to do is going to determine whether I am going to be successful or failure in future. I have to own up to the fact that during the last 15 years, I hardly did anything to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to win in business.

I have lost precious time, I have to make amends now. It is time for action. If I don’t, I will be yet another bud that did not blossom for my own fault.

Last night I saw the film “The Cinderella Man”, based on the life of James J. Braddock who triumphed in the boxing arena against all odds during the depression years. He had grit and he toiled hard. Even working on the docks just to survive.

My self esteem is at stake. I have to toil from now to achieve my goals which is to become truly wealthy during the next two years.

For that to happen, I have to roam the streets – to know the ways of the world and be street smart. I will spend at least 4 hours every day to hone my knowledge and skills in what ever I set out to achieve. This may involve researching the area I am going to specialize in so that I and no one else will call the shots.

It will mean meeting all types of people who can make a dent in the work I intend doing from now onward. To take CTW forward, I have to meet Restaurant managers / owners, decision makers of major stores and HR’s in corporate organisations. I should not rest till my goal is achieved at the end of every day.

And I will also educate myself on the nuances of working Social media networks and web space to my company’s advantage. By the end of 2012, I will learn how to leverage the web and blog space for reaching my goals. I will do business intelligently.

I will not compromise on customer satisfaction. Nor will I allow anyone in the company to deliver less than what is committed.

And, I will build simple systems and procedures to guarantee time is not wasted by anyone working in the company. When someone cheats me, it speaks about my weakness in that I have not consciously created systems to plug loopholes in accounting or management systems. So, there will be also efficient reporting  systems that will monitor, evaluate and provide feedback to everyone in the organisation about how they are faring in their work.

Of course, there will be focus on what I am going to do and what Service Square is going to do. The focus will be laser sharp and will stay that way.

I will above all treasure customers, employees and vendors who provide services – whether they are big or small.

I have taken the money of so many people and I cannot afford to fail them. More than that, I cannot afford to see myself as a failure. I have to pull myself out of the rut.

In the process, I will enable others also to see a new vision and a new power to rise and shine.





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