Be Warned! Some Self Promotion Ahead!

I never, ever, thought that what I wrote for my personal consumption would pass muster when it came to sharing it with my world. I was pleasantly surprised. Today I spoke to Sathyanarayanan, a true friend of mine and who is known among his circles for calling a spade a bloody spade. He spoke to me for a very long time and said how he rued the fact that he had read me wrong all these years. In a nutshell, the conversation with him left me feeling very tall.

The mails and the responses in the comments section of the blog I got were in the same vein. I must confess I read some of them while I was at work in my office. I had to resist the urge to wind up my work, switch off my laptop, pack my bags and head for home to write more posts. The fact is, I won my rounds with the temptations and I continued working, elated and proud.

It is supposed to be in bad taste to blow my own trumpet in public. The fact is deep inside, there is rejoicing and reveling.

Even the title of this post is playing into the clutches of those mean, self-limiting beliefs which argue for false modesty and self negation – as if self promotion is a bad thing. I will leave the title as it is, but know within that it is fantastic to have loving thoughts about myself.There is no stroking so satisfying and enduring as those you give yourself.

Abundance is attracted when there is alignment with what I feel and what I want. That is why, thinking big attracts big things into our lives. And thinking small attracts precisely those things.

Quite a few of my friends said that I revealed bigger aspects of myself  through my blog – aspects they never suspected, existed. I can’t blame them though. When I see myself as puny, the world too perceives me that way.

Perception is everything. How I perceive myself is linked to how the world sees me and treats me.

I can choose to see my pygmy self or the giant self and precisely in that way I fashion myself. And fashion the way the world outside perceives me.

I like this quote of Steven Covey – “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.”

The opposite is also true. The world sees us, as we think we are. We can think differently and teach the world to perceive us differently.

So, here I go, sinking my teeth into some of the juicy words sent my way through mails and blog comments.

The first one is from Ramesh Prasad who is a terrific NLP Practioner. He is in the main person responsible for my going public.

Wonderfully told Babu…go for it… When you let go of what you are, you become what you might be
Cheers!!! Ramesh

The next one is from my daughter, Anusha. My writing pales in comparison to hers. I requested her to take a look at my post and waited with bated breath.

I read the post with some measure of trepidation, but I am glad I read it. I hardly need to say you have a way with words and blah, blah, blah… the world and its cousins know where I got my own gift for writing from .

Here’s what the rest of them – my friends, batch mates at training and relatives – said.

You write so beautifully and straight from the heart, enjoyed reading this.
Hoping that your dreams come true and that you become a renowned trainer soon.
Ramapriya Gopalakrishnan

Dear Babu,
I read your blog & was so amazed about your style of writing ! I felt great the way you analyse yourself.That has given me the direction of my thinking process ….. to work with myself first, in the day to day life ….to understand others…
Thank you for that !
Keep writing!!! My best wishes !!!

They say, ‘Don’t repent at the Eleventh Hour”
However, you have at the 11th Km. What a piece !
Your soul has revealed your Age. Just woolta. Ya 16 and its sweet.
You have showed up as how I think You are.
Indeed a smart Lazy Idiot. ( Make hay while the sun shines )
Great and Congrats… you have become what you might be. Proud.
Await the Sermons on the Mount. Fire in the Mountain… Run – Run – Run.
– j o e 

Hi Babu uncle,

To be frank, I thought I will quickly have a glance through your post.
Then I thought it would be good to read the first para to get a feel and to my amazement
I found myself reading and rereading the complete post again
as I could not stop myself from reading it again. You are seriously a good writer.
Where were these talents hiding from the world all these days and years?
What I liked the most is your smooth writing and the cleverly timed humor.
For a moment I think I just escaped into your world.You have the power to capture the attention
and don’t let it go waste as you rightly said soul doesn’t have age.
Keep it coming. God bless..

Dear Mr.Babu,
Your writing skills and articulation are amazing. Let this not be obscure.
You have an extraordinary skill in articulating your thoughts while penning it.
I am inspired by your post. As I see, you should continue writing more frequently and on varied subjects.
Your writing skills would make the subject matter more interesting. Kudos.
Keep rocking. Sky is the limit for you talent.
Please remember to make a mark there are two secrets 1. Consistency and 2. Perseverance.
Best Wishes.

Dear Sir,
I did go thru all these sites. Awesome!! ….Didn’t have enough of it…..not possible to savour all at a time.
Have to go spend more time on them….leisurely…. to enrich myself .
All from the very beginning I met you, I knew You had great stuff
and you were different and had been a secret admirer of yours.
Great thoughts, Great language……………it was like reading from great thought leaders of the world.
Sir, You have to continue this that the world may know………perhaps in a book form or whatever.
Thank you for sharing.
Rgds, Johnson

Great stuff !
I wish, your experience, skills, wisdom, knowledge, culture & heritage translate in to a ‘movement’
where your dreams are fulfilled and continue to inspire the present/future generations.
Please keep going and we will continue to get charged from such great work. Cheers !

You never fail to surprise me. You have a natural flair for writing. Keep it up, old man!!! Lots of love,

Hi Babu
Actually I spent the last 39 minutes reading up quite a bit of what u have written plus stuff on your company… And I thought I knew you you well… The writing is brilliant… And the services you are offering is great.
Good luck ..and we must catch up one of these days…

My God. Vincent. That’s wonderful. I could never imaging a soft, silent person like you can touch and awaken the soul with words.
I am one person who got inspired by your words. And still reading… And you ran 11 kms?
That’s a true inspiration for me….
Thank you sooooo much for pulling me out of my depression…
Now, I know there are more to life than just keep brooding about little things people say and do….
Sampathraj Mathurperumal

You remember our 121 interaction at the NLP program.
There was a sense of trepidation in being paired with you,
as you dissected the person and his thoughts.
I will continue to look forward to your writing.
Please keep sharing your thoughts.
Ramesh Bashymam

It feels very good, sinking into the cooling pool of accolades.

Perhaps today’s applause will be the embers that will linger, burning in my tomorrows, to keep me warm. And striving.

These tell me, I am enough and great – even without the shower of praises.

I am grateful to my friends and kin for holding the mirror showing me myself as I am.

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