13 Years and Still Counting, at Service Square

It is 13 years since Service Square was born. Service Square was incorporated as a Private Ltd Company on May 22, 2000 – 13 years ago. Our idea then was to solve all the mundane, small, and big problems of our customers. After a few years we had a lot of small and big problems of our customers. That did not solve our problems. Those created them.

I am more relaxed today than at any time since inception. Business is growing and there is anticipation of greater tidings for the company – provided I get my acts together and emerge as the rain maker. There lies the rub!

Over the years, we have set right or eliminated many of the wrong things we strayed into doing. We learned that it is not possible to be everything to everyone. Clients and we know it is not possible to deliver quality consistently when focus is on too many activities and services at the same time. So, we learned at the cost of burning our fingers that the essential thing is to focus on the essentials. We pruned the list of services. We need to do more.

Then we need to stand out. Otherwise, we will be one of the many in the market place. Customers will also haggle over price when they do not perceive any difference in the value we offer. What is the Unique Value we bring to the table?

There are several aspects which differentiates Service Square from the rest.

One is the honest approach with which we do all our services. We do not take our customers for a ride. We are transparent with our tariff and we ensure the value customers get is higher than the price they pay.

There is always a focus on providing quality services and if customers are not happy with the services, we make it a point to redo the service free of charge.

And, we ensure we hear from the customers about their perception of our services. Of course, we need to be more customer focused. There is no internal mechanism to be in constant touch with them. This is a priority area for us to improve upon.

Most importantly, we have to communicate to them what we stand for, and what make us very special. I count myself good at communicating, so I have to put my ability to the test.

I had a meeting with the house keeping team this morning. A few very good and simple ideas emerged to make our services better and life easier for our house keeping teams. The ideas generated today will contribute towards starting the housekeeping works at least an hour earlier than currently done.

The important thing is to monitor the implementation of ideas and constantly searching for new ones to keep improving and making a difference.

We gave sweet packets to every employee in the organisation.

Today’s message from Neale Donald Walsch is for me and Service Square.

Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt said that, and he was right.

Therefore, be not only a creator, but an innovator.

Put your new ideas into motion.

Place them not just on paper, but on the ground.

Ah, yes, now you have done something.

I will remember this.

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