Service Square – Service with a Heart

I am a big fan of Mission and Vision statements, company values, tag lines and USP’s. If these are not thrust upon but evolved through a participative process among the employees, they assume a vibrant potency. They define an organisation and endow it with certain character and culture.

Education in Business from a Washing Machine Technician

I was very furious with the shabby way I was treated by the company that first handled the washing machine service issue. I was bent on taking revenge with a stinging review in Just Dial. Then I told myself that I do not have the right to harm the business interest of any company and so desisted from doing what I was tempted to do.


Goals that we stretch for and give our life for are those that captivate our imagination. SMART goals where the growth is incremental do not have the aura and romance of striving and winning against the odds.

Moving from Doing Fatigue to Being

Just three days back, I read an article about decision fatigue which explains, making resolutions repeatedly tend to drain our will power. One solution suggested is to limit the options available to make decisions by forced introduction of constraints.

In Praise of Service Square Living its Values

Here is a feedback received from Mr.Ashish Bahl who is an N.R.I living in the US. He discovered us through our web site a little over three months ago. That started our relationship which got cemented during the two months we executed the various renovation works in his house located in Thoraipakkam.

Customer Care – We are all Connected

Customers, our staff, our vendors and we – all belong to the same eco-system, very inter-connected. Like trees are connected to our lungs for they give us the air we breathe. We ignore one at the peril of all…..

Moving Inch by Inch at Service Square

While I do my fair share of breast beating, I also manage to get a few decent things done at office. Actually, there are quite a few happy developments taking place at Service Square, my company. From the beginning of April, Mathan has become a Director at Service Square.